Accommodation Options In Kidepo Valley National Park

Accomodation In Kidepo Valley National Park

Where To Stay In Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Savannah lodge.

On the outskirts of one of Uganda’s most stunning national parks.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge, our newest and most remote Nature Lodges property, gives honor to this wildlife gem, which has won numerous international awards as one of the best Parks in Africa. The lodge is literally a stone’s throw from the park because it is only 500 meters from the Kalokudo gate. The huge Narus Valley, Mountain Morungole, and the far-off mountain ranges that constitute the border with Southern Sudan are all visible from here, providing unmatched views.

The savannah landscape, meadows, rocky outcrops, and the Karamajong, a tribe known for their distinctive manyattas and vibrant blankets, all served as inspiration for the lodge.

We decided on an option between the more opulent self-contained safari tents and cozy camping tents because the lodge needs to blend in rather than stand out.
In Kidepo, there are only two basic tourist lodges. 500 meters from Kidepo’s Kalokudo Gate sits the Kidepo Savannah Lodge, a simple but welcoming lodging

A central dining area and bar are connected to eight self-contained “safari tents” and nine “tents” that share an ablution block.

From here, clients may take in stunning views of the Narus Valley and the nearby mountains.

Apoka Safari Lodge.

In the middle of the plains, on a little hill, stands the opulent Apoka Safari Lodge.

Wildlife can be found anywhere. You are in a fantastic location to take in the beauty of the wilderness, whether you spot zebra or buffalo outside your window during the lush season or lions lounging by the pool during the dry season.

Ten spacious bandas made of thatch, canvas, and wood provide comfortable lodging. With a thatch-roofed space and a high platform that is perfect for viewing wildlife, the dining room and bar are superb. A towering observation tower is also present, and it makes for an outstanding setting for a quiet breakfast.

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