Cultural Encounters In Kibale National Park

Cultural Encounters In Kibale National Park

What To Do In Kibale Forest

Cultural encounter in kibale forest is mostly done activity by many travelers visiting the park. Cultural encounters, involves visiting the nearby communities surrounding the park. The walk takes you to the local villages of kikoni, Nyakalongo, Nyaibanda where you will interact with the locals and also enjoy the different ways of life of people in Uganda.

The locals found here are the Bakiga, Batoro from Runyakitara tribes in Uganda, the visit to the community lasts for about 3-4 hours. where you will also get to visit the traditional healer who will share his knowledge regarding the herbs and the medicines used for treating people who visit his shrine.
The cultural encounter in kibale forest, will take through the remote villages where you will visit the homes Stade of the local elderly women and men who will share with you lots of stories about their traditional cultural way of life, marriage, birth and way of life of the local people in this communities.
The walk through the villages, gives you an opportunity to see the schools, the school going children which different from the developed countries, you will also visit the nearby churches.
In order to participate in this activity, one ought to pay fees for the activity when you visit the park.
The walk will take up to 3 to 4 hours depending on the pace of the group.

Visit the Bigodi Women’s Group

The Bigodi women group, is one the fascinating activity you ought not to miss during the cultural visit to the nearby communities surrounding the park. The group was formed by the local women and they participate in various activities like art and craft from which they make adorable baskets, mats, jewelry among others. The items are made from local materials such as; raffia, millet straws, banana fibers among others. The products sold, generate income which is used in improving their business and also the money provides basic needs for their families, like clothing, housing, school fees for the school going children, food and many more.

Your visit to the community and as well as the women groups, is a great achievement and its worth your many since you have extended a charity service to the needy. You can also participate in weaving or buy our self a beautiful souvenir as a reminder for your fascinating trip in kibale forest national park.
The Bigodi cultural, also exposes you many other activities some of which are;
Having traditional meal
This is traditionally cooked food by locals and its one of the best meals and fascinating traditional cultural experience for the visitors visiting kibale national park. You will also learn ho to make traditional foods and also enjoy the fresh organic foods under grass thatched roof house which gives a total feeling of rural communities.
This experience is ideal for adventure lovers and for the travelers visiting the park for chimpanzee trekking, can also take time and visit the communities around the park.

A Bigodi swamp walk costs Shs10,000 for Ugandans and $23 for foreign tourists. Foreign residents are expected to part with Shs40,000. The best times are between 7:30am-9am in the morning or 3pm. KAFRED operates Tinka’s Homestay that serves traditional meals and offers decent accommodation. A room costs Shs70,000 and a meal Shs15,000. For visitors interested in a community walk, Ugandans part with Shs10,000, foreign tourists pay $20 whereas foreign residents are charged $15

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Cultural Village Walk Prices

Village Walk Cost in UG Shillings Cost in US Dollars*
Visitor Category Per Person Per Person
Non-Residents of Uganda UGS 40,000 $20
Residents who are not Ugandan UGS 30,000 $15
Ugandans UGS 10,000 $5